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Wellness2Work (W2W)

Track 1: Wellness 2 Work Project (W2W)

 INOV8 Wellness 2 Work training opens the door to a career in health and wellness. W2W students gain valuable work experience, personal growth, and the opportunity to serve others. Participants learn outside the classroom; job shadowing and hands-on exposure which are powerful learning tools for students interested in exploring a specific field.

W2W career options include entrepreneurship, wellness coaches, personal trainers, nutritional or health educators, and nutritional marketing. W2W curriculum also includes college tracks toward a degree in social work, health science, or behavioral science.

Track #1

Track #2


Track 2: Self-Taught Entrepreneur Project (STEP)

Arts and culture are important means through which people and communities come to understand, express, and communicate their ideas, emotions, needs, hopes, and concerns.  


INOV8 Self-Taught Entrepreneur Project (STEP) offers creative entrepreneurship training designed to enrich the lives of local community members through multi-media, and creative art exhibition opportunities.

STEP helps to build self-esteem while uncapping the hidden talents of the organic learner and utilizing those talents to help individuals become self-sufficient.

Track #3


Track 3: Youth Explore and Advance Hub (YEAH)

THE EIGHT-Youth Explore & Advisory Hub (YEAH) is established for the expressed purpose of giving a voice to minority youth. We especially encourage youth with learning disabilities to participate. YEAH offers opportunities to explore and participate in the INOV8 program development processes. Subsequently, by virtue of the committee in YEAH, leadership skills are developed and an awareness of social responsibilities is encouraged. 

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