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Check Your Risk Challenge!

Diabetes Awareness & Prevention

FACT: Prediabetes is common—more than 88 million US adults have it, though 90% of them don’t know they do

FACT: Racial/ethnic minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders,
and American Indians/Alaskan Natives)have a higher burden of diabetes and prediabetes at lower BMIs than whites, suggesting the role of factors other than obesity in racial/ethnic disparities in diabetes and prediabetes risk and highlighting the need for tailored screening and prevention strategies.
(American Diabetes Association- Diabetes Care Dec 2019)


The good news is that diabetes is preventable and reversible.

The Mission of PLAN ADs is to increase awareness and participation in government and nonprofit programs and opportunities targeting members of underserved and marginalized communities nationally. 

The Eight is in partnership with Preventive Lifestyle Assistance Network (PLAN)--a provider of the CDC’s evidence-based National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP). COVID-19 has highlighted the disproportionate impact that preconditions like type 2 diabetes are having on the most vulnerable in our county and around the country.

Prediabetes puts Americans at increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Without lifestyle changes, 15-30% of people with diagnosed borderline diabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within 3-5 years.

 PLAN Ads is a division of The Eight formed to provide Awareness, Access, and Action. In 2020, we launched Check Your Risk (CYR), a bold awareness campaign with a goal to get 1 million people to check their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Respondents take a brief survey devised by the CDC and housed on a platform we set up.

We are gearing up for 2021 Diabetes Awareness & Prevention (DAP) Month with a celebrity-driven campaign to encourage people to answer an eight-question survey to check their personal risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are reversible. We increase awareness of type 2 diabetes by inviting residents to take the diabetes risk test-both in person and online. Residents at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes qualify for the year-long prediabetes program being offered via distance learning.

Your donation will help us award grants to high-risk residents who do not have Medi-Cal, private insurance, or means of self-pay for the prediabetes program.

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